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Churaliya Hai Tumne XXX
03/05/2023 10:15am
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The crowd erupted in cheers when Zeenat finished singing the romantic yet melodious song. Only Vijay and Zeenat knew she had sung it for him. From how she always faced him and looked at him coyly, he knew she wanted him, and there was no doubt that he wanted her because his erection was straining against his pants. Luckily, he could hide it with his jacket.

Soon after the song, everyone dug in to eat and drank their stomachs full. Zeenat avoided him smartly but kept smiling at him every time he looked at her. At one point, he saw her go behind a curtain towards a dark corridor. He saw an opportunity and followed her.

When he walked up to her, he pushed her against the red-painted walls and kissed her hungrily while pinning her hands above her head. She kissed him back violently. He glided his hands down her perfect body and kneaded her breasts, earning a moan. He could feel her hard nipples through her dress. She bit his earlobes as he explored her neck and shoulder.

Just as they were getting into it, someone called for Zeenat. The pair stopped their naughty rendezvous and inconspicuously slipped back into the crowd. But Zeenat’s eyes glimmered with mysterious satisfaction while Vijay’s shone darkly of lust.

Soon, the guests started leaving one by one. Eventually, all the guests left, and it was only the two of them.

Zeenat looked undeniably sexy in her white dress, and all Vijay could think of was how to get her out of it. She played ignorant and sat down on the chair by the open bar counter, sipping on a glass of whiskey. As she sipped, she looked at Vijay boldly, challenging him to show her what he’s got.

He walked quickly towards her and pulled her up against his body roughly. He could feel her nipples harden and her breathing increase as he slipped his hands down her back and cupped her ass. Driven by desire, she dived directly into it and tore his shirt open. She started licking his nipple and biting his chest while he kneaded her ass cheeks with both his hands. She moved down his body, leaving a path of kisses, and kneeled down between his legs. She unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants, and pulled it down.

For a moment, she stood amazed at how thick and long his dick was. But she quickly snapped out of the daze and kissed his dick through his briefs, pulled out his male part, and started shagging.

He tightly held on to her hair as she ran the tip of her tongue around the tip of his penis and licked the precum like it was ice cream. After a little more teasing, he took the penis inside her mouth, although she gagged at its length at first. She moved up and down his length slowly. Then, hungry for more, he started guiding her by holding her hair and setting a faster pace. Her eyes watered as he continued to push his dick into her mouth, into her throat.

After he had had enough of her mouth, he kissed her plump lips. Since Zeenat had torn his shirt, he got rid of his pants and stood naked before her. He unzipped her dress and admired her firm breasts and curvy silhouette. He lifted her to seat her on the bar counter.

He swiftly pushed down a few bottles of alcohol as he cleared the area and pushed her to lie on her back. With a clear mind, he started rubbing her clit and kissing the sweet spot at the juncture of her neck and shoulder. She felt a pressure building in her core as his teasing continued, and he took her nipple inside his mouth. Sucking and biting her sweet nipple, he quickened, rubbing her clit.

“I’m going to come, Vijay,” she said after a couple of minutes. She came hard, releasing her juices, and her body shook from the orgasmic pleasure. He glided his finger down to her anal opening and started rubbing it, and she gasped.

“Can your ass take me, Zeenat?” he asked her seductively, and she shook her head while biting her lips. He inserted his ring finger into her anal hole and asked, “Give me a Yes or No,” he commanded.

“Yes,” she said, taking deep breaths. Hearing this, he made her stand on her fours on the counter, and he climbed on it. He moved the dripping tip of his dick along the entrance of her anal hole, coating it with his lubricant so that it’ll enter easily.

He slowly pushed in his dick, and her walls wrapped around his cock tightly. He pulled out his dick completely and inserted it again slowly. He repeated this three to four times to ease her muscles for the rough part.

Gradually, he picked up the pace, and she called out his name every time he entered her. Her perfect ass cheeks shook when he pushed his dick in hard. He spanked her hard rhythmically such that her core ached for another release.

“Shall I come inside you, baby?” he asked her after feeling his release dance on the horizon.

“Yes, baby, yes!” She shouted as she came hard again. Seeing this, he gained momentum and finished inside her. When he took his dick out, Zeenat took hold of it and stroked it fast.

“My pussy is aching for some action, Vijay. You need to take me roughly. Make me scream your name,” she said, looking at Vijay with insatiable lust. His dick grew as hard as a rod instantly, and he pushed her down the counter again. He got on top of her and shoved his dick inside her dripping pussy. He hooked her legs on his shoulder while slightly lifting her back to gain access to her swollen anal hole.

“Oh, my god. You’re so tight,” he exclaimed while slamming inside her.

“You want me to make you scream my name? Let’s see,” saying this, he pushed his ring finger inside her anal hole, which was coated in his release.

“Vijay!” she called out. As he picked up speed, his balls hit the base of her ass, giving a spanking effect and making her shout his name again. The room was filled with the sound of his balls hitting her ass and her screaming his name.

“Make me come, baby,” she pleaded as the pleasure built and her core ached for release.

“Not so quickly. I’ll make you beg,” he said. Saying this, he added his index finger to his onslaught of her ass and, with his other hand, started massaging her inflamed clit. He maintained a medium speed so that she would not reach her climax. Biting her lips, she started kneading her aching nipples with both her hands while moaning.

Within a few seconds, Zeenat started begging him to make her come. He picked up speed and inserted a third finger inside her anus. He also rubbed her clit faster in a circular pattern, touching all her sweet spots. She pinched her nipples hard, matching the pleasure Vijay was creating, and felt her impending climax almost reach.

“Vijay!!” she shouted his name as she arched her back out in pleasure and came harder than ever.

He stopped torturing her with his fingers and pushed open her knees for more access to her pussy. He continued thrusting inside her hard as he felt his own climax approaching. After a few seconds, he finished inside her while she lay tired, and his come dripped from both her holes.

He had never come so many times in a single day with any woman and was surprised that he had the strength for more. She looked at him boldly as he ran his hand down her abdomen and circled her clit.

“Are you ready for more?” he asked with a naughty glint in his eyes. She smiled at him and pulled him into a passionate kiss.

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Roop Tera Mastana XXX
03/05/2023 10:02am
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Sharmila wasn’t like any other woman he had met. She was elegant yet sexy, innocent yet seductive, and undoubtedly, a highly desirable woman. She started peeling down her dress slowly, standing before him clad in bright red undergarments while biting her plump red lips. He took that as an invitation and explored her body with his tongue and hands.

He kneaded her nipples while biting her neck hungrily. She pulled him closer to her with her hands and moaned with every bite. He realized she enjoyed a little pain with pleasure and pressed her nipple hard. She let out a shrill moan, throwing her head back and forgetting herself in the pleasure he was giving her.

He then made her stand on her fours on the floor and rubbed her round ass. “Your ass is perfect. Shall I spank you?” he asked her while ripping off her red undergarment. He kneeled down near her and landed a soft spank on her right ass and then the left one. He repeated the spanking on the sides alternatively, and each time he spanked harder.

After 10 spanks, she started panting and moving her ass up, asking for more. With his left hand, he kneaded her nipple while spanking.

“Rajesh, please. Make me come,” she shouted. “Not yet, baby,” he replied.

Saying this, he made her lie on her back, pushed her legs apart, and took in her cleanly shaved pussy. Wetness from her arousal was dripping down her thighs. He licked it up to her core and inserted his tongue into her entrance. Sharmila held the headboard of the bed and shouted at his sudden intrusion. He then replaced his tongue with two fingers, stretching her insides and moving them in and out, sending waves of pleasure through her body.

After a while, he removed his pants and undergarments and laid down in the 69 position with him on top. He licked her clit while she took in his thick dick. She rolled her tongue on its tip, tasting his precum while shagging. At one point, he wanted more and thrust his dick deep into her mouth, setting a pace. She gagged as it went deep inside her throat but moaned as he picked up the pace. He kneeled in front of her face such that his dick touched her lips and took hold of her long black hair. He inserted the full length of his dick into her mouth and set a pace by holding her hair. She strongly held his ass and kneaded and slapped it while sucking on his dick and rolling her tongue around his tip.

“I’m going to come, baby,” Rajesh said as he increased the pace. He released his come into her mouth as he came hard, but he was still erect, all ready for another round. He made her stand on her fours, facing the full-length mirror in the room, and stood behind her, cupping her ass.

The reflection of her round firm breasts was pulsing blood through his dick, making it ready for another wild round. He got hold of all her hair in a single hand and pulled it back, exposing her neck, bruised with his bite marks. With a finger, he rubbed her clit from behind, making her moan. She unconsciously started moving her body forward and backward while he increased the speed of the strokes. “Ahhh…Rajesh,” she moaned and, with one hand, kneaded her aching left nipple hardly. Seeing this, Rajesh increased his pace. She panted as she approached her climax and came hard while he rubbed her clit.

As soon as she climaxed, he inserted his thick and long dick into her entrance and started banging her roughly. He tugged at her hair so that he could get a better view of her swinging breasts.

“Knead your nipple like before,” Rajesh commanded. Happily, she kneaded her sensitive nipple hard and let out moans as she felt her second orgasm. His dick went deep inside her and hit her G-spot repeatedly. As she approached orgasm, her tight pussy tightened around his dick, and he felt his second orgasm approaching fast.

Rajesh increased momentum and, following which, Vandana kneaded more quickly. The room was filled with their moans and the sound of his balls hitting her ass. After a few seconds, Sharmila came hard, shouting his name. Seeing this triggered Rajesh’s own climax, and he emptied his come inside her as he came with a grunt. Both of them lay on the bed exhausted from their activities.

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Tumse Milke XXX
02/19/2023 05:06pm
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Anil looked into Madhuri’s eyes and saw the love and longing she had for him. His eyes trailed down to her plump ruby lips that have been an object of his fantasy since the day he met her. He took her palm in his and pulled her closer to him. Taken by surprise, she held onto Anil by his neck while he held her close to his body by her waist. He bent down, took her lips in his, and, taking his time, invaded her mouth with his tongue as she melted in his arms.

When he pulled away, her eyes were dazed and she was panting. The chillness of the night tempting them to take things inside where their bodies could keep each other warm. Anil pulled her inside and shut the door of their beautiful balcony behind them. He unbuttoned his shirt and rejoiced to see Madhuri blush when half his body was fully shown. He playfully points at her pants, indicating it is her turn. She blushed a darker shade of red and coyly obliged, displaying her lean, shapely legs.

Drinking in her exposed skin, Anil takes hold of her hip and slips his hands under her kameez, squeezing her butt. Her whole body pressed against him, and he felt her hard nipples through the thin salwar material. He took off her salwar and started licking the juncture of her neck and shoulder. As he moved towards her neck, he bit and sucked, leaving tiny red bruises.

Right then, the power went out, and the rooms were lit by candlelight, enhancing Madhuri’s natural appeal. She looked divine, wearing only her undergarments, which he took off. He admired her naked body - frail neck, slender shoulders, round breasts, curvy waist, shapely hips, long legs - she could make him erect in seconds.

“You’re beautiful,” he told her as he pushed back a strand of her curly hair behind her ear. He saw her blush and planted a soft kiss on her rosy cheeks. The two passionately kissed while he laid her down on the bed.

Without breaking the kiss, he trailed his hand down her firm breasts and waist till he reached her dripping core. He pushed apart the lips of her pussy and stroked its insides, and she gasped at the unexpected touch. He stroked it till she moaned into the kiss and dug her nails into his shoulder as she fought to control the pleasure. With her squirming under him, he became hungrier and inserted a finger inside her virgin pussy, and she moaned. He moved his finger slowly in and out, and with every insertion, her muscles eased.

Madhuri’s nipples hurt so much that she kneaded them for some relief. Anil took her left nipple inside his mouth and sucked it. She felt her juices gushing down her opening into Anil’s finger, and he introduced a second finger, stretching her dripping pussy.

“I’m big. You need to stretch to take me inside,” he whispered into her ear as she arched her back in pleasure. By then, she was panting desperately for her release.

“No. You’ll come only with me,” Anil said hungrily and inserted a third finger inside her. She gasped again, and the sharp sting she felt caused more pleasure than pain. She got him to remove his pants and underwear, exposing his huge dick - like he said - it was so wide that she gauged it was at least three fingers thick. She hungrily wondered whether she would be able to take all of him inside her.

“I’m going to push it inside. Tell me if it hurts. I’ll go slow,” he explained as Madhuri looked at his dick excitedly.

He repositioned himself, so he was lying on her, and pushed apart her legs, while she readied to take him in. Getting inside her pussy wasn’t as difficult as they thought because she was aroused and dripping. She winced slightly, mostly out of pleasure, as he inserted his cock completely. He slowly pulled out and then pushed in again. This time, the pleasure increased, and she could feel her impending climax.

Anil tried to remain slow, but her pussy was so tight that it was squeezing his dick. He was naturally tempted to increase momentum and thrust into her wildly.

As she seemed to enjoy it, he increased the speed, and she started panting and squirming under him. He then thrust hard inside her, and she moaned his name as the pleasure grew. He realized he was about to come and started rubbing her pink clit to push Madhuri to climax. She came hard while his dick was buried deep inside her. Eager to reach his release, Anil pumped faster and harder and spilled his come inside her.

Anil looked at the exhausted Madhuri, still slightly panting and all drained out from the sex. He wrapped his arm around her waist, kissed her neck, and the lovers drifted off to sleep. Want to see this story come alive in a video? Check out Got a Bollywood scene in mind that you want to see transformed into erotica? Write to me at

Aaj Phir Tumpe XXX
02/19/2023 02:08pm
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Madhuri and Vinod were locked inside their bedroom after their ceremonious marriage. The bedroom was decorated with several candles, enhancing the romantic aura. Although she had spent several hours with him before marriage, she felt strangely self-conscious and shy. Those feelings washed away when she looked at Vinod, who was looking at her with love and affection.

Vinod noticed that she was wearing a red see-through saree that didn’t hide the low neckline of her blouse or the round shape of her breasts. He took cautious, slow steps toward her, giving her time to retreat, but she stood still despite her initial hesitance. She looked at Vinod with so much longing that he walked faster and took her face in his hands, relishing the fact that she had become his wife. In the moment's rush, he dipped down and kissed her desperately.

He sucked, tugged, and even softly bit her lips as he explored her waist - squeezing and pinching it softly. She responded to his intrusion excitedly by removing his shirt and exposing his broad chest, which was rising and falling as he breathed quickly.

The heat of the kiss increased, and Vinod consciously gave her pallu a slight tug. It fell down her shoulder quickly, leaving her frail frame at his disposal. He placed a trail of kisses down her neck’s left side and, at the same time, pushed down the blouse over her left shoulder. He kissed till the exposed edge of her frame, making her toes curl.

Vinod broke the river of kisses and took in the beauty standing before him - bright round red bindi, long black hair cascading down her back, and all those curves waiting to be explored. He wanted much more of her. He hastily undraped her saree and removed her underskirt and every other piece of clothing. He wanted nothing to hide her beauty from him and wanted her bare under him. He then pulled her towards the bed and got her to lie down while he removed all his clothing.

Vinod’s dick was hard and long and had its veins protruding out. Its beastly look surprised Madhuri, and she swallowed the water in her mouth at the thought of having that monster down her throat. “I’ll drink all his cum when he finishes inside my mouth.” she thought, biting her lips. Madhuri was lying bare on her back while Vinod’s eyes explored her curves eagerly. Her dark black hair was smeared across the pillow, her red bindi was no longer round, and the clear pale skin of her chest was pink. Her plump breasts lay exposed, her narrow waist begged for kisses, and her long legs pressed close together, hiding her recently shaved core. His mouth watered at the thought of tasting her come after orgasm.

“I want to try something different,” saying this, he took out a vaginal bead and looked for any signs of disapproval on her face. She stared at the bead curiously first, and when the realization hit her, she turned a deeper shade of red. And the longing in her eyes turned into lust.

With a little force, he pushed apart her thighs, exposing her anticipating pussy, and ran his hand on top of it. He then inserted the vaginal bead slowly as she held his shoulder tightly.

“Stand on all fours!” he asked impatiently after the toy was inside her. As soon as she took the position, he slapped her lightly on her butt and repeated his actions till she screamed in pleasure.

“Ahh!” She felt the bead hitting her G-spot every time he slapped her butt cheeks. She wanted his cock inside her so much that her juice was dripping from her entrance. Seeing this, Vinod bent down to suck it in.

“You taste heavenly. I am dying to taste your come, Madhuri. I can’t wait anymore.” Saying this, he pulled out the plug and repositioned himself such that she was lying on her back and he was on top of her - but his dick was near her mouth, and her pussy was near his. They immediately started devouring each other.

Vinod licked and sucked her clit fervently while she religiously moved her mouth up and down the length of his cock. She moaned and dug her nails into his thighs from the pleasure of his assault, and he increased the pace of his sucking as she moved faster.

“I am going to come, Madhuri,” he said before he released a load of his cum into her mouth. She drank each drop of his release and licked the tip of his penis after that, relishing her creamy dessert. “Now it's your turn,” he said, repositioning to face her and producing a small vibrator. She looked at the unfamiliar object with awe and waited to see what it did. To her surprise, he took it near her clit and rubbed it against her juices. Then he brought it to life.

She was already near climaxing when Vinod tortured her clit, and now with the vibrator, she was losing it. The device awoke every nerve in her clit, and her breasts were desperate for some action. Realizing this, Vinod squeezed her breasts hard and pinched her nipples.

“Oh my god! Vinod. Ahh,” she screamed as the pressure at her core built, and she climaxed.

“I won’t let you rest tonight,” saying this, he stood on his knees, showing off his now erect dick. Madhuri was astonished at how quickly he regained his vigor but was still tired from her intense orgasm. Vinod pulled her up and made her stand on all four like before.

“I will make you come harder than before,” he vowed as he inserted his dick inside her roughly. She gasped as she felt his invasion, stretching her insides and hitting her G-spot. But before she could adjust, he pulled back and thrust inside again, this time rougher than before. His balls hit the walls of her core and her sore clit, driving her crazy. “Ahh!” she moaned, pushing him to go faster.

He repeated his actions faster, holding her hips tightly, going deeper inside her each time he thrust. He took hold of her long hair and pulled at it forcing her to balance weight on her knees and exposing her breasts and abdomen. He clutched her left breast and squeezed it so hard that she screamed his name. With his other hand, he circled her clit expertly, sending waves of pleasure through her body. Vinod’s constant torture was pushing her toward another orgasm. He could feel her insides clutch hard around his throbbing cock.

“Vinod!” with an earth-shattering cry, she finished, followed by Vinod. The couple lay on the bed, tired from their activities, and discussed their other fantasies. Want to see this story come alive in a video? Check out Got a Bollywood scene in mind that you want to see transformed into erotica? Write to me at

Aashiq Banaya XXX
July 08, 2022
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Tanushree felt a surge of emotions which started as a warm fuzzy feeling in her heart and transformed into a raw desire. She followed him as he went down the stairs, pushed him against the wall, and threw her anticipating body on him. Driven by her primal desire, she pulled his face down and kissed him like never before.

Emran was taken aback by her attack. His lips parted as she deepened the kiss, her actions awakening a beast within himself. His tongue tangled with hers as he yearned for more than just a hot kiss. He trailed his fingers down her face through her frail neck till he pushed down the strap of her top over her shoulder. He broke the kiss despite her protests. He kissed the sweet spot between her neck and shoulder, making her toes curl. Her nipples turned hard upon feeling his godly body, and they ached for him to play with them. At that moment, she knew she would do anything to have his cock inside her.

Emran’s repeated kisses and bites on her neck sent shivers of anticipation through her body. She unknowingly pulled Emran’s head into herself, wanting more of his animalistic invasion. “Emran!” she whispered into his ears. Emran took this as a sign to take things upstairs. He wrapped her legs around him, and she latched onto him hungrily as he explored her neck over and over again. He wanted to mark her with his hickeys.

“Everyone should know you’re off limits,” he said between his bites. The dirty talk was driving Tanushree crazy. “Please take me to the room,” she begged.

As soon as they entered her room, he set her down on her feet. He removed her top and dropped it on the floor while looking into her eyes. His eyes trailed down to her full breasts, hiding under a lacy red bra. As he stalked towards her slowly, she moved away till she fell back on her bed. He then pulled her skirt down, exposing her red thongs.

Admiring the beauty that lay coyly before him, he bent down slightly to trail his ring finger lazily across her sexy abdomen. She had started sweating, probably from the excitement of being completely helpless. A drop of sweat flowed down her neck through her cleavage, between her plump breasts, and disappeared inside her navel. Her navel had a small diamond piercing that stole his breath away.

He grabbed two pieces of clothing that caught his eye and tied each of her hands to the bed's headrest. He climbed on top of her, held her curvy waist, and bent down to explore the navel piercing. He licked the opening of her navel repeatedly till she pulled him closer by wrapping her leg tightly around him. Biting and pulling at the navel stud, he made her shout his name.

When his shoulder bumped against her core, he felt her arousal, igniting another fire of desire inside him.

With a single tuck, Emran got rid of her thong, leaving Tanushree’s pussy bare to his eyes. He went crazy seeing her cream on her smooth inner thighs. Tanushree watched helplessly as his hungry eyes calculated how to devour her. He took her ass in his hands and squeezed them till the pleasure hit her core, making her drip more. Seeing this, he bent down and took her clit inside his mouth, flicking it with his tongue.

“Emran!” Tanushree shouted upon feeling his tongue on her most intimate area.

Tanushree moaned as he repeated his actions but showed no sign of making her come. She started gyrating her hips against his mouth in a desperate attempt to finish. But Emran firmly held her by her butt cheeks, keeping her from moving and reaching her release. Her breasts shook as she arched her back, wanting his skilled hands to knead her aching nipples and ease the pain.

Emran slowly loosened Tanushree’s red bra and left it on her shoulder. Her nipples were so hard that they reminded him of his erection hidden under his pants. He rubbed his aching dick and stood up to get rid of his pants.

Tanushree was astonished seeing Emran’s long and thick male part, which was sure to stretch her mouth and pussy well. She couldn’t wait to run the tip of her tongue along the folds of his meat and taste his precum.

“Untie me. I have to taste you, Emran,” Tanushree told eagerly.

“Not yet. I am not done with you,” Emran bent down and took one of her nipples in his mouth, and kneaded the other with his hands. With his other hand, he fingered a sweet spot in her clit.

“Faster, Emran! Faster! Please be faster. Oh god!” Tanushree screamed as Emran repeated his actions enthusiastically. He fingered her clit and sucked her nipples faster, letting her climax hard, shouting out his name. He bent down and parted her thighs to drink her cum.

“You taste like ice cream. That too of my favorite flavor - vanilla. I want more. So I will make you cum again.” Tanushree lay on the bed panting while Emran untied her. He repositioned her such that her head hung outside the bed now.

“You wanted my dick. Suck it now,” Emran commanded.

Through the hangover of her violent climax, she pulled his dick into her mouth and held it at the base. Emran set the rhythm as he moved up and down repeatedly. The warmth of her mouth and the sight of her naked body made him harder. But he wasn’t ready to come, not without feeling the insides of her pussy with his dick.

He took his dick outside her mouth and made her lie on the bed before climbing on top of her. He locked her hands on top of her head and moved his hips, teasing her pussy with his dick. Her breasts moved up and down like before, but her nipples were rosy from his onslaught. He bent down, took the left nipple in his mouth, and sucked at it harshly.

Tanushree moaned lazily, “It’s sore, Emran. Stop,” but his dick could feel her arousal. So he paid no heed to her cries. He then angled his dick to enter her dripping pussy while looking into her eyes. He pushed open her thighs and filled her hole with his dick, making her scream in pleasure.


Tanushree’s moans got louder as he moved his dick in and out. She was close to her second climax. Emran was fighting his own climax because he wanted more of her. He didn’t want this to end. But his natural instinct pushed, and he increased the speed of his movement.

Tanushree moaned louder, and Emran took her mouth in his to quieten her. She cried into Emran’s mouth when she climaxed again and fell back tired on the bed. Seeing her climax pushed Emran’s own climax, and the lovers lay entangled in sweat. Soon they dozed off due to tiredness.

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